Sermon 2019-03-17 Sacrifice – Into the Fire

題目 : 犧牲 – 掉進火裡
Title : Sacrifice – Into the Fire

經文 : 使徒行傳 7:51-8:4
Text : Acts 7:51-8:4

Speaker: Brother John Burns

引言 Introduction

  1. 神的僕人時常在犧牲的中心
    God’s servants are always at the center of the sacrifice.
  2. 起初,犧牲不好看或不好受
    In the beginning, a sacrifice doesn’t look or feel good.
  3. 犧牲需要付代價
    Sacrifice will cost us.
  4. 犧牲使我們完全依靠主
    Sacrifices put our complete reliance upon the Lord.
  5. 神以不好的來完成極好的
    God uses something bad to accomplish something great.
  6. 耶穌站立
    Jesus is standing.

結論 Conclusion